New Report Finds Massachusetts Green Bonds Booming

 Investing in a Greener, Greater Commonwealth
Investing in a Greener, Greater Commonwealth is a new impact report detailing results from the state’s groundbreaking green bond issuances. The report finds that despite a difficult market, $100 million in Green Bonds garnered more than $130 million in orders, an oversubscription of 30%. The state benefited from 154 different retail orders and 10 unique institutional orders, as well as 7 new institutional and professional retail investors.

In June of 2013, he Massachusetts Treasury brought innovation to the municipal bond market by connecting environmentally-conscious investors with environmentally-oriented capital investments through the development and sale of “Green Bonds”. The $100 million in Green Bonds sold by Massachusetts in 2013 represented the first-ever Green Bond issuance not only in Massachusetts, but also by any state or local government in the United States.
Steve Grossman, Treasurer & Receiver-General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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