Citigroup Managing Director Predicts $100 Billion in Green Bonds in 2015

“It’s catching on like wildfire… We’ve reached the Holy Grail, which is the bond market.” – Michael Eckhart, managing director at Citigroup Inc., founder of the American Council on Renewable Energy

On the sidelines of the Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York, Citigroup managing director Michael Eckhart predicted that the Green Bond market could reach $100 billion in 2015.

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New Report Finds Massachusetts Green Bonds Booming

 Investing in a Greener, Greater Commonwealth
Investing in a Greener, Greater Commonwealth is a new impact report detailing results from the state’s groundbreaking green bond issuances. The report finds that despite a difficult market, $100 million in Green Bonds garnered more than $130 million in orders, an oversubscription of 30%. The state benefited from 154 different retail orders and 10 unique institutional orders, as well as 7 new institutional and professional retail investors.

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